Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hear, hear!

A research team in Ghent University, Belgium has established a link between listening to an iPod and poor hearing.
Oh really?
On the face of it, such findings seem pretty obvious.
Researchers may well have arrived at the correct conclusion but, to my thinking, the logic behind the cause and effect is seriously flawed.
It is merely the Gaia Principle being applied to the human body.
The vast preponderance of those who use MP3 players listen to the biggest load of unadulterated crap that masquerades as modern pop.
Noise rather than music.
At a conscious level, this is the choice they exercise even though I think it would be better exorcised.
Their subconscious agrees with me and subsequently rejects it.
Consequently, when the earphones are removed, the body continues to reject all noise leading to the assumption that the hearing has been damaged.
I put this very point to Dr. Hannah Kempler who led the study.
Her response was quite clear.
Did she honestly not hear me or was her subconscious merely filtering out my unadulterated crap?
Now I'll never know.

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