Thursday, 3 December 2009

Father's Day confuses some kids!

We are all morally bereft.
As taxpayers, we subscribe to a system that encourages unmarried teenage girls to get pregnant. By providing them with financial rewards, housing and numerous other benefits, we lead them (on) to a lifestyle that they might otherwise take years to attain.
But I am not suggesting for one moment that we abandon them as readily as we seem to have abandoned hope. Of course we need to help, but we ought not to create that need through our misguided ways.
There are many single mothers who have come by their unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own. But when a young girl who is not yet 20 has three children with two different fathers (known as a three by two), neither of whom she can - or will - name, something has gone far wrong with our society.
As unwitting accomplices, we are all complicit in placing Britain at the top of yet another European league for the all the wrong reasons.
Let’s try to turn the ‘tables’.

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