Monday, 7 December 2009

Would the last person to leave the planet please turn ON the lights!

Global warming?
You really don’t know what to believe.
“What we need is more renewable energy” they said.
“Build a wind farm” they suggested.
A farm?
So we did.
But rather than erect turbines that look silly and out of place, I thought, let’s buy some cows.
They look nicer.
That way, at least we can get milk from one end and no end of wind from the other.
“Sorry, it’s the wrong type of wind. You’re not helping. You’re making the planet worse.”
I’ll plug them.
Oh no, plugs are out.
I’ll need to think of some other bright idea that isn’t so bright that it illuminates the bulb just above my head.
What about wave power?
Now there’s an idea.
Let’s harness the entire population of the world and at precisely the same time we can all wave goodbye to planet earth.
And if that doesn’t generate enough lift, maybe Sir Richard Branson with his intergalactic ambitions can take us to some other world.

Planet earth is getting warmer and wetter.
Our policy makers are in Copenhagen generating yet more hot air.
And from that, still more confusion ‘reigns’.

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