Thursday, 31 March 2011

Politics enters the soft cell

Not unlike a couple of skunks jostling for position in the queue at the John Lewis perfume counter, there is a conspiracy afoot as political parties joust with each other for renewed popularity in prison.
But we all know that they will always smell.
It is no surprise that this coincides with prisoners insisting on the right to vote. A captive market if ever there was one.
Today, yet another politician was jailed. Ex-Labour MP Jim Devine was sentenced to 16 months in prison for expenses fraud. A selfless act simply to get nearer to his voters.
One might suspect it was utter folly to jeopardise a promising career - a career built on promises that he never kept.
What he did keep, however, was taxpayers’ money. And lots of it. Money that was earmarked for more worthy causes than lining his own pockets.
In his defence, and in order to save his own backside, Jim Devine blamed everyone except his own mother.
His counsel might well have advised him to save his backside for prison where I believe his voters are the ones who swing to the left.
“Put your ‘x’ in the box” is about to take on a ‘hole’ new meaning and it’s certainly not going to be Devine.
Lucky Jim!

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