Thursday, 22 April 2010

Eruption or corruption? We should all blow our tops.

As the volcanic dust begins to settle, details relating to the non-flying fiasco are becoming clearer. A top secret dossier was found in a pie shop close to Westminster and although no MP has been named, it is understood that the 'Press caught' sight of the file as it was handed over to the police.
The details therein might even trigger another eruption.
It runs like this.
The recession had left the airline industry in a parlous state.
The Government recognised this but were unable to provide financial assistance because of European Law.
A plan was hatched to create a catastrophe such as the one that we have just experienced and the Government would accept complete responsibility.
Who better to blame than the Met. Office who are renowned for their crass incompetence and are roundly reviled in any case?
All that remains now is for the number crunching to be resolved.
The fiasco has cost maybe £500 million in lost revenues. Meanwhile, the airline industry is bandying around figures approaching £2 billion.
Potentially, that leaves £1.5 billion with which to cut a bit of slack.
What would have been construed as a subsidy before can now pass off as compensation and, yet again, the good old taxpayer picks up the tab.
Meanwhile, Ministers can happily continue with their foreign junkets to exotic destinations.
Normal service has been resumed.

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