Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A night on the tiles

I've always enjoyed the occasional game of Scrabble, so it was with great interest that I read about a variation in the rules.
Proper nouns are now allowed.
The opportunity to use your own name is all very well but, sadly, there are too many who even struggle with that much.
We have an education system that has failed - and continues to fail - certain children.
I know. I went to school with children. Some of them grew up to become teachers.
And although many became very good teachers, there are those who have neither been properly educated themselves nor trained to teach what little they know to anyone else.
A change in the rules of Scrabble won't do anything to remedy that.
What it will do is generate more sales.
So irrespective of how many points your name might accrue, it is only the PR department at Mattel that merits the bonus points.
That should bring a smile to their zygomata (23).

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