Thursday, 29 April 2010

Alex Salmond. The 'consume it' politician.

Alex Salmond is rattled. At least, he would be if he hadn't thrown his rattle out of the pram.
We were all led to believe that his moral outrage was simply because he hadn't been invited to the Leaders' Debates.
If only that were true.
A leak from Holyrood has thrown a shade more light on the matter.
(Can you get a shade more light?)
It seems that his real indignation is because he was not invited to the accompanying meals.
As such, the BBC has hatched a plan.
An insider told us "Alex will be allowed to tuck in as soon as he gets to the studio and can then go on to join the debate."
By the time he gets up from the table, I suspect we will have a new Prime Minister.

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