Wednesday, 4 November 2009


At a recent conference in Dundee, Gordon Brown got up.
Our noses could sense.....
Sorry, I got my punctuation totally wrong. I’ll start again.
At a recent conference in Dundee, Gordon Brown got up our noses.
“Could sense prevail?” I pondered.
Blood, they say, is thicker than water. Yet even Brown’s closest brothers in the Labour movement must have sensed their blood curdling as they were served a veritable feast of bah, humbug and hogwash with extra lashings of chutzpah.
Not so much as a clap, but no shortage of claptrap.
One hesitates to describe it as a liberal helping of horse manure as that might malign another party. (I’ll leave that for a later blog.)
“The banks” he said “are in need of more regulation.”
To continue the allusion to all things equine, forget that old cliché about bolting the stable door. With the British economy, there is no stable and certainly no stability.
Does Gordon Brown seriously expect us to believe that he was unaware of what was going on in the financial sector throughout his long tenure as Chancellor?
I suspect not, but I do have a theory. Such crass incompetence would be difficult to perpetrate without conscious effort.
Brown the Clown was so desperate for the keys to the kingdom of Number 10, is it just possible that he conspired with Fred the Shred and his cohorts to screw the British economy in a perverse effort to oust Blair?
The problem is that whatever else you may choose to level at Blair, you can’t accuse him of bad timing.
Blair got out, Brown got in, Fred got off and we all got shafted.

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