Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Every Lidl helps

What is there in the psyche of Britain that we derive a certain pleasure from giving a good kicking to the most successful among us?
Take Tesco, for example.
They’re too big. They sell too much. They should stick to groceries. There are too many stores. They screw the suppliers. They shaft their customers.
If there is one area that Tesco have yet to monopolise, then that’s the business of envy.
There’s not a businessman worthy of the description who wouldn’t buy low, sell high and increase his margins wherever possible. And there’s not a customer who would want to return to the good old ‘daze’ when Spam was Sunday lunch rather than email and when dust was something you found on old tins of mushroom soup rather than the sweet sprinkling adorning freshly baked pastries from the in-store bakery.
We all owe Tesco a debt of gratitude because retailers everywhere have had to sharpen up their act lest they go the same way as Woolworths, MFI, Threshers, et al.
And before you even begin to accuse Tesco of stifling competition, take a look at how Lidl, for example, have carved out their own market quiche. Sorry, niche.
In such dull economic times, Tesco's star is still the brightest in the firmament.
But every Lidl helps.


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