Monday, 30 November 2009

The Rake's Progress

Have you ever tried to get ‘BT’ and ‘exemplary service’ in the same sentence?
There you are, I’ve just managed it!
Sir Michael Rake, Chairman of BT has achieved it in the same village.
Whether his preferential shares entitle him to preferential treatment, one can only guess. But whatever the reason, the service has been denied to all other villagers.
The excuse? Sir Michael is trialling broadband enabling technology (BET) at home.
I BET he is!
It might seem like stating the obvious to suggest that you need to be ‘well connected’ in order to obtain a decent broadband service, but I just wonder how many calls Sir Michael had to make to the sub-continent before the wheels of the BT monolith started turning.
The irony is, it seems that one of the most aggrieved parties in this whole tawdry affair is a company trading under the name of Abacus Recruitment. They, of all people, ought to have known that you can never ‘count’ on BT.
Meanwhile, all other villagers will need to content themselves in the local pub where they can happily 'down loads'!

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