Friday, 27 November 2009

The Jeremy Kyle Inquiry into the Iraq War

It all started with a fruitless search for the weapons of mass destruction.
The futile search is now on to find the truth.
The Sir John Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war has just begun but rather than waste yet more public money, I suggest that we draft in Jeremy Kyle.
After all, this was trumped up to be the Mother of all battles, so who better to find out the true identity of the father?
But before we carry out a DNA test to see if it was Tony or George…or both, let’s put them through a lie detector test.
Tony, did you at any time have sexual contact with the sexed up dossier that warned us that it could be all over in 45 minutes?
George, was this war simply the product of pent-up Pentagon frustration or did you deliberately set out to screw Iraq the way you subsequently screwed up the world economy?
We’ll be back with the results after this short hostilities.

1 comment:

  1. What a horrible image to have burned into your brain - Tony Blair having sex with anything. Very witty blog by the way!