Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Checkout this!

So that’s good. Our beautiful planet can be saved. All we need do is ban the supply of free plastic bags by supermarkets. Never mind the fact that their cabriolet freezers work overtime spewing cold air into an already fuel heated atmosphere. Never mind either that they fly a few leaves from far flung corners of the globe and market them under the guise of some exotic vegetable. Also, let’s disregard their obsession with out-of-town sites that necessitate myriad lorry deliveries and car crazy customers.
What worries me about the proposed ban, however, is that the supermarkets seem compliant.
From their perspective, what they hope will be perceived as an enhancement of their green credentials is really just another cynical ploy to cut costs, improve margins and reward their directors and shareholders.
After all, is that not business?
Well I’ve a much better idea.
Every supermarket, by law, should be free to supply as many plastic bags as they wish under one very important condition - the bags carry promotional offers for rival supermarkets.
Let's see how many they give away then.

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