Sunday, 30 May 2010

Gotcha! Goccia!

The Italians have a word for it.
In fact, the Italians have a word for pretty well everything.
Goccia (rhymes with Gotcha) , as I have just discovered, is a game that is played at Italian stag parties.
I hesitate to call it a game because although there are rules (well, there really is only one) it is not much fun for its participant (yes, there is only one of them as well).
A drink is poured - it could be a Sambuca, possibly a Limoncello or maybe something different altogether - no rules apply.
The bridegroom is then expected to down it in a oner.
With head tilted back and glass inverted, he must then return both to their normal positions.
The glass is promptly taken away and turned upside down.
If a single drop appears, another drink is poured and so the evening goes on.
And on and on and on....

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