Thursday, 20 May 2010

Your (PIN) number is up

I learned from a mini-statement in today's press that the inventor of the hole-in-the-wall machine has died.
So after years of standing outside the bank conducting his affairs, he will at long last be able to see what happens on the 'other side'.
But that raises a more serious point.
I've never quite understood the philosophy of a business that does its utmost to keep its customers outside, thus forgoing the opportunity to sell.
That was before Fred the Shed (yes, Shed) came along to shed more light on the matter.
He was inside busy filling his boots and, as a consequence of the hole-in-the-wall machines, there were no tellers to tell us exactly what was going on.
Yes, a certain inventor will have a few questions to answer at the Pearly Gates.
I wonder if there's a cash machine there?

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