Tuesday, 25 May 2010

One, two, three O’Leary. How much more Michael?

There can be only two reasons why my grandparents left Tuscany to settle in Dundee.
The first is that they were economic migrants. The second is that they were insane.
With no history of mental illness in our family, I’ll plump for the former.
And so it is, I’m off to Sicily for a family wedding as an economic migrant of sorts – I’m flying with RyanAir.
But therein lies the myth.
RyanAir is the money magnet of the skies.
It wouldn’t do much for their bottom line if they were to stick to their fare in the headline.
That's why they look upon your pocket as the departure lounge for your money.
No need to check-in. Every conceivable opportunity to ‘cheque out’.
But hey, that’s business.
I suspect I’ll hear that sentiment a few times before I leave Palermo.

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