Tuesday, 26 January 2010

A fix for a fix

The more I read about bankers and their bonuses, the clearer it is becoming.
They have a problem which, in effect, is our problem.
Bankers have an addiction and bonuses are their fix.
So what can we do about it?
As part of their ongoing training, it is proposed that bankers should spend one week every year in The Priority Clinic.
On admission, they will be introduced to method one.
That involves going straight into de-talks. No glib gibberish. Just action.
They will be taught where their priorities ought to lie rather than habitually lie about their priorities - as is their wont.
And to help them understand that there are consequences to their actions, a series of potential pitfalls will be set up throughout The Priority Clinic to test their progress. For example, in the gym there will be a huge pile of cash. When a banker attempts to remove it, a large weight will come crashing down in the hope of knocking some sense into him.
The scheme has already been trialled with rats as it was felt that they were as close as it was possible to get to a real banker.
In time, the rats returned happily to their sewers.
Hopefully, bankers will do likewise.

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