Tuesday, 19 January 2010

No comeback with Ryanair?

What is it about Ryanair that they have taken to advertising one way tickets?
Surely most of their customers need to return....?
Today's ad in the Daily Telegraph is a case in point.
One way to Porto - £10.

Could it be because:

1. the return fare is so outrageously expensive, the total price is no different from any other airline?

2. the airport that Ryanair flies you to is so remote from the destination city advertised, they realise that you only have a remote chance of finding it again?

3. your experience on the way out was so bloody awful, you would rather crawl back on all fours while pushing a pea with your nose along the way. (Travellers please note, the 'pea' will cost you more on Ryanair.)

Whichever way I choose to go on holiday this year, there is 'one way' I certainly won't be going.

With those crack of dawn, fly-by-nighters.

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