Tuesday, 26 January 2010

You're a star, Eurostar

I'd like to think that it was in reaction to my blog on 21st December 2009 that Eurostar have recognised the error of their ways.
From launching an independent inquiry to modifying their trains so that they actually run in the winter, the company are now back on track. And their drivers are under no illusion that just because it might be cold and dark outside, when they enter a tunnel, it should not act as a trigger for them to enter hibernation. Eurostar will even provide faster information for all customers and staff. No more: "This is the night mail crossing the border, bringing the cheque and the postal order". Pigeons are it. Or rather, with Eurostar, pigeons are IT.
But most of all, Eurostar are listening.
They have even met with customers involved in the disruption over the festive season. A spokesman for Eurostar said "Tracking them down was easy. They were still sitting on the train at Platform 1."
A very Merry Christmas to them all.

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