Sunday, 24 January 2010

The taxman is among my favourites!

Sunday morning seemed like as good a time as any to pay my tax, so that's what I did.
Online and on time.
I was doing very well to block out of my mind the things that my tax might be used for until I reached the point where I had to fill in an imaginary security question.
What about: if Fred Goodwin were a plant, which would it be?
(That's when I remembered where all my tax was going.)
I thought that 'nettle' would be a pretty decent answer as we've all been stung by one.
Then I began to worry that nettles were not severe enough until I thought: you can make soup from nettles and that is precisely where we've all ended up.
Thanks Fred.
I just wish that he had come from better stock.

Payment complete, I was then invited by HMRC to bookmark their website to make future payments easier.....but no less painful.
So I did and up popped a box "Add as Favourite".
The taxman? A favourite? Who said irony was dead?
However, this is where I arrive at my real concern.
Whenever I visit a website, I worry about the possibility of a virus.
If you accept the loose definition of a virus as something that gets up your nose and causes nausea, I think it is fair to assume that the taxman is a virus.
And, as we all know, a virus can be difficult to avoid.
Unless, of course, you are Fred Goodwin.
The swine flu abroad.

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